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'The most liberating fun I have had in years!' Emma Callow, Creative Lab Manager

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'In the long history of humankind those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.'

usually attributed to Charles Darwin

Improv in London with Imprology

Improvisation teaches us how to be in the world. When to listen. What to notice. How to relate. Over the years we’ve developed a unique approach which lets you learn at your own pace. Book an improv class to see for yourself. We have improv classes in London, in the South of France, and online. We also have improv retreats and free improv jams.

'I'm a full time stand up comedian these days and your improv course helped me massively.' Jonny Awsum, Comedian

'I felt really supported and safe even though I was really scared on my first lesson.' Zita Konyari, Hospitality Executive

'I found out more about myself in one day of improv class than I did with one term of my interpersonal communications course.' Rachel Melinek, Student

Ask us anything about our improvisation workshops and classes in London or online by scheduling a free Zoom session!

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   Essential Impro Retreat
Then We Fly.
Wed 31 Jul to Tue 6 Aug 2024, all day in S of France
More info and booking.

then we fly

   Informal Impro Jam
Gong Surfing.
Mon 9 Sep, 7.30 to 9.30 pm in London, UK
More info and booking.

Imprology improv class, London 2016, men and women
Imprology improvisation workshop, London 2016, large group of men and women
Imprology improvisational action mask workshop, London 2016, man and women in ugly masks
Imprology improv show, London 2016, audience laughing
Imprology improvisation class, women and men in London 2016

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