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Improv Freedom with Creativity Fueled by Curiosity

Creativity is effortless when fueled by curiosity. Playing engages us emotionally and physically as well as intellectually, and help us realise that being interested is more fun and productive than trying to be interesting.

Be present to yourself, curious about others and ready to let things happen, moment by moment; observe your behaviour, graciously, and explore alternatives; practice lightness, stillness and mutual support; notice habits, triggers and limiting beliefs; be patient... and you will experience glimpses of ultimate freedom, which is freedom from oneself.

Imprology improv class, London 2016, men and women


Imprology improv workshop, London 2016, two woman siting, one man standing

Improvisation provides us with the freedom to test new behaviours in a safe environment. It is "life with a rewind button." Failing is of no consequence other than learning. When we drop the ball, all we have to do is pick it up again.

By practising relaxation, playfulness, active listening, and commitment, we improve our capacity to show courage, empathy, flexibility, and support.

New knowledge is generated by all participants and emerges from practice and observation. We gradually realise that we are more capable than previously thought. What we decide to bring into the rest of our life is up to us.

Imprology improv class, London 2016, men and women
Imprology improvisation workshop, London 2016, large group of men and women
Imprology improvisational action mask workshop, London 2016, man and women in ugly masks
Imprology improv show, London 2016, audience laughing
Imprology improvisation class, women and men in London 2016

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