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Improv Training Approach -- No Levels

After years of teaching improv, we said "no" to levels in our improv classes.

After all, improvisation isn't a linear process, so why should we teach it linearly? Moreover, improv levels say nothing about an individual's capacity to work with others. People can learn a lot from each other, regardless of their history with improv. What you require to take our classes is not improv experience, but courage, consideration, and curiosity.

With that in mind, we've replaced levels with the following three approaches, open to everyone from beginners to experienced improvisers:


Exploring connections and togetherness.


Exploring spontaneity and self-expression.


Exploring storytelling and collective expression.

You will find aspects of all these approaches in everything we do, but each improv learning event will emphasise one of them.

Moulin de Canole, France
Zootrophice improv show rehearsal, London, 2017

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