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 Thursday Intensive
Invented Tales.
Impro Course Online, from 28 Sept to 26 Oct, 7 to 9 pm (London, UTC+1)
More info and booking.

imprology class and online meeting

 Thursday Intensive
Invented Tales.
Impro Course Online, from 9 to 30 Nov, 7 to 9 pm (London, UTC+1)
More info and booking.

imprology class and online meeting

Breathe - Connect - Create
 Free event  One-off course  Series of classes.
 Wheelchair accesible
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'I'm a full time stand up comedian these days and your course helped me massively.' Jonny Awsum, Comedian

'I felt really supported and safe even though I was really scared on my first lesson.' Zita Konyari, Hospitality Executive

'A great mix of silliness and discovery, whatever your aims. There are skills here for daily life and on stage.' Niall Hill, VR Producer at BBC

'The most liberating fun I have had in years!' Emma Callow, Creative Lab Manager

'I have had so many zoom-meetings this year and none of them have been as much fun as this zoom event! Great to know the zoom functions can be used and played with in such an amazing, interactive and fun way! Thank you!' Theresa Rhino, Online

'Always lots of laughter, questions, baffling metaphors, surprising, deep listening, connection, acceptance, movement, failing and getting back up again. All the best things!' Sophie Tidman, Senior Advisor

'An incredible, touching, and fun experience. I cannot recommend this highly enough. Joshua Brostoff, Clinical Study Director

'I have frequented Imprology courses for several years. There are always new discoveries to be made and fresh games in which to engage.' Paul Barber, Mathematician

'A very unique and positive experience. Challenging, fun, interesting and ultimately transformative.' Ben Weatherill, Mental Health Workwer

'Through Imprology I have experienced myself and others in ways that are both fun and developmental. I find the classes extremely thought-provoking and above all entertaining.' Ned Brown, Health Executive

'Every class is different and I believe this is testament to the teacher being someone who is constantly curious - always learning and exploring. I've found his classes powerfully healing as well as playful and life-affirming. They incorporate many skills which have been so useful to my own development as a therapist: anxiety regulation, presence, authenticity, vulnerability as strength, opening into the unconscious. The perfect antidote to all that we are normally encouraged to do; a beautiful retrieval of our most human selves.' Lucy Smart, Therapist

'Imprology has helped me immensely to enjoy myself more, connect with others, and stay focused.' Lucas Szczesiak, Software Engineer and Stand-Up Comedian

'A great way to relax, learn to listen and free yourself. The teaching is really inspiring, and it's really good fun!' Benjamin Kerridge, Vicar

'A space to play, reflect, challenge yourself, be present and have fun. I could not recommend enough.' Michelle Borda, Consultant in Children's Creativity

'Social anxiety was my main concern. Your course helped me much beyond my expectations.' Xavier P, Risk Management

'I had a great deal of fun and felt I learnt a lot in such a short time. I felt challenged and nourished.' Hannah Nicholas, Actor

'I found out more about myself in one day than I did with one term of my interpersonal communications course.' Rachel Melinek, Student

'The facilitator strikes a perfect balance between pushing his students out of their comfort zone and making sure everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves. The results are transformative.' Valerie Peake, Life Coach/Musician

'Learning about improvisation was like taking the handbrake off my life.' Simon Bell, Training Consultant

'Encouraged you to step out of your comfort zone in a way which was stretching but not scary.' Sarah Woodthorpe, Accountant

'The facilitator was clearly very experienced and truly excellent.' Ruth Whaling, Psychologist

'Brilliantly delivered, suitable for all levels, built in many layers of skills, and was huge fun!' Emma Smallman, Groupworker

'Highly recommended.' Jonathan Chappell, GP

'Great facilitation, great atmosphere, you'll learn a great deal about yourself, and have a laugh a minute.' Jemma Gray, Executive Assistant

'I had a great time laughing with a fantastic bunch of fun creative people every week.' Frankie Hardy, Nurse

'The Quality of teaching is extraordinary!' Benni Lehne, PhD student

'I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt skills which have greatly impacted upon my life.' Eve Macdonald, Youth Development

'Thanks again for such a fabulous weekend.' Deborah Rothenberg, Drama & Movement Therapist

'Amazing, wise, enlightening, excellent actor training and just great fun! Geraldine Curtis, Actor

'You were a joy to learn with.' Ola Aralepo, Comedian

'Magnificent course, I'm so glad I took it.' Jenny Glanville, Hypnotherapist

'Many classes I come in after work feeling a little drained and every night I leave feeling excited and refreshed.' Andrew Dowe, Consultant

'It really gives you a confidence boost and it is great fun!' Andlib Mohsin, Criminal Lawyer

'The knowledge and flexibility gained have proven especially useful to me in auditioning.' Liis Mikk, Actor

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Terms and Conditions

Satisfaction guarantee

If you don't enjoy your first class with us, contact us within 24 hours to get a full and unconditional refund. We also offer a partial refund if you book a cycle of classes, enjoy the first one but feel it's not for you. In which case, contact us within 24 hours, and we will only charge you for a taster, refunding the rest of your booking fee.


Online booking transactions are executed by Paypal and we do not access or store your banking details.


Concession for NHS, equity members, full-time students, low earners, the unwaged and imprology students who took an evening course with us in the past two months. Please supply proof when asked.

To cancel or reschedule your booking

Please give us notice at least 30 days before the start of your course, by email, stating your name, contact details and your course's reference. We will refund cancellations in full to the account initially charged, or transfer the booking onto another course of your choosing, at no extra cost. If you give us notice between 30 and 15 days before the start of your course, we will apply a £15 cancellations or rescheduling fee. No refund or rescheduling will be considered after this time limit or if you don't show up.

Should we need to cancel

Should any unforeseeable event force us to cancel a class or a series of classes, you will be offered the choice between an alternative class or a full refund. No refund or alternative will be available if a course is disrupted by an Act Of God.

Free taster

If you want to offer a free taster to a friend, simply leave a testimonial on imprology's Facebook or Google page and get in touch.

Bookings by cheque

Send a cheque payable to "imprology, 87 Cavendish Road, London N4 1RR, UK" along with the name, telephone and email contact of the workshop's participant(s). Make sure that your cheque reaches us before the start of the class you want to book. The booking fee features on each course's booking page. We will confirm your booking upon receipt by email.

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