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Who: This course is open to participants of all backgrounds interested in improvisation, play and connection.

Scoop: You will find pleasure in slowing down, connecting with yourself, relating to others and taking risks. You will sample different improvisation games and have fun playing with new people.


Who: This course is for participants with no previous experience of improvisation or keen to try a different approach in a safe and friendly space.

Scoop: Relaxation, sensory awareness and cooperation. You will discover how to express yourself while listening to others. You will find pleasure in collaboration. You will learn by playing games, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, and improvising short stories as part of an ensemble.


Who: This course is for participants with a previous experience of improvisation, be it with imprology or otherwise.

Scoop: Cooperation, commitment and flow. You will learn to bring scenes and stories to life by making simple, clear and binding choices. You will achieve this by shifting your focus from personal to collective performance.


Whom: This course is for performers, directors, facilitators, artists and learners from all walks of life with a previous experience of improvisation - be it with words, music, movement or any other means - keen to practice intensively in a safe and friendly space.

Scoop: Variable (see individual description as listed).


Who: This course is not open to the general public. It is not an entry-level course, and you must complete at least one or two other courses with us, sometimes more, (depending on your progress and appetite for dares) before joining. Ask your imprology facilitator for details.

Scoop: Flow, lightness and congruence. You will learn to improvise plays. You will achieve this by performing stories containing multiple scenes both during classes and, on the last day of the cycle, in front of a real audience.

Zootrophice rehearsal, London, 2017

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