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Advanced course on Wednesdays from 1 Nov to 13 Dec in London (Fully booked).

Booking online is essential to avoid overcrowding. We accept all major cards. Click on dates for info, price and bookings.

Structure. Each class usually consists of three periods. First, we breathe and relax with the entire group. Then we practice games, in pairs or groups, with everyone taking part at the same time. In the end, we practice scenes, with performers playing in front of the other participants on a volontery basis. A beginners class will concentrate on the two first periods, while an advanced class will make more space for scene work and story-telling.

Method. Our classes are highly interactive and conditioned by the level of pleasure and energy in the room. We take the time to unwind and warm-up properly, and put our attention on space and movements as much as dialogues. Our guiding principles are complicity, pleasure and forgiveness.

Pace. The speed at which students acquire the necessary skills depends on each. The confidence to speak with ease in front of an audience manifests sooner or later, through voice and body training, as well as repeated exposure. The capacity to listen and adjust in real time to any given situation is harder to master. Participants will need to give themselves the freedom to experiment and the permssion to fail.

Learning. Some of the learning takes place in stages and each session is dedicated to a particular aspect of improvisation. Other times learning happen in a breakthrough. As you play or watch other people play you suddenly realise something about yourself or the way you do things. A moment of clarity that has to be experienced and cannot be imparted. Receiving feedback will help you make sense of it all.

Our background. As well as Keith Johnstone, Viola Spolin and Del Close, our teaching is inspired by other forms of improvisation such as Playback Theatre and Action Theatre. Beyond banter, we believe that improvisation can bring many voices together to narrate stories with words, movements, sounds and music, and that the ability to do so resides in all of us.

Our students. Among our students are teachers, warehouse workers, managers, doctors, actors, students, lawyers, entrepreneurs, shop assistants, film makers, youth workers, travellers, architects and traders. A good proportion of them came from abroad. They are telling us that they first took our class for various reasons, from overcoming shyness to communicating better, taking new responsibilities, helping with their acting, finding out what they were made of or simply meeting new people in an exciting space. Improvisation thrives on diversity and each new group has a great influence on the overall outcome. If it's your first time you will be looked after. If you've done it before you will discover new possibilities with new people.

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'I laughed loads. I began to think about not just the way I communicate with people in my life, not just what I expect of them, but what I expect of myself.' Keely Stucke, Film Maker

'It's pure. It's electric. It's jumping with no safety net. And when you fly - there's nothing like it!' Daniel Trouille, Actor

'Social anxiety was my main concerned. Your course helped me much beyond my expectations.' Xavier P, Risk Management

'I had a great deal of fun and felt I learnt a lot in such a short time. I felt challenged and nourished.' Hannah Nicholas, Actor

'I found more about myself in one day than I did with one term of my interpersonal communications course.' Rachel Melinek, Student

'The facilitator strikes a perfect balance between pushing his students out of their comforts and making sure everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves. The results are transformative.' Valerie Peake, Life Coach/Musician

'Learning about improvisation was like 'taking the handbrake off my life.' Simon Bell, Training Consultant

'Encouraged you to step out of your comfort zone in a way which was stretching but not scary.' Sarah Woodthorpe, Accountant

'The facilitator was clearly very experienced and truly excellent.' Ruth Whaling, Psychologist

'Brilliantly delivered, suitable for all levels, built in many layers of impro and skills, and was huge fun!' Emma Smallman, Groupworker

'Highly recommended.' Jonathan Chappell, GP

'I'm a full time stand up comedian these days and your course helped me massively.' Jonny Awsum, Comedian

'Great facilitation, great atmosphere, you'll learn a great deal about yourself, and have a laugh a minute.' Jemma Gray, Executive Assistant

'I had a great time laughing with a fantastic bunch of fun creative people every week.' Frankie Hardy, Nurse

'The Quality of teaching is extraordinary!' Benni Lehne, PhD student

'I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt skills which have greatly impacted upon my life.' Eve Macdonald, Youth Development

'Thanks again for such a fabulous weekend.' Deborah Rothenberg, Drama & Movement Therapist

'You were a joy to learn with.' Ola Aralepo, Comedian

'Magnificent course, I'm so glad I took it.' Jenny Glanville, Hypnotherapist

'Many classes I come in after work feeling a little drained and every night I leave feeling excited and refreshed.' Andrew Dowe, Consultant

'It really gives you a confidence boost and it is great fun!' Andlib Mohsin, Criminal Lawyer

'The knowledge and flexibility gained have proven especially useful to me in auditioning.' Liis Mikk, Actor

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