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What is improvisation?

Most people think about comedy and improvisation in the same breath but improvisation is much more than that. In its broader sense it is the art of expressing togetherness by making-up stories in the moment through words, movement and music.

We constantly tell stories to ourselves and others in order to justify our actions, communicate our thoughts and feelings or make sense of the world. In improvisation, storytelling is done spontaneously and collectively.

As improvisers, we react to the present moment. We do not plan. We just need to relax, look and listen in order to let our surroundings inspire us. In this quest for effortless creativity, fear will be our first enemy and forgiveness our first ally.

It takes some skills to create a satisfying story this way. The good news is that most of those skills will have to be remembered rather than learned. The presence, attention and playfulness required to improvise can be observed in a three years old. When the inner critic has been discarded is when the fun begin. We learn to do this by playing games.

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