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Thanks for providing such entertaining games and having such great ideas whilst being completely flexible with the brief we gave you.
Rick Murray, Producer/Director, The Speaker - BBC2

Improvisation show, London 2013

Improvisation workshop, London 2008

Improvisation show, London 2013

Improvisation workshop, London 2008

Improvisation show, London 2010

Improvisation workshop, Birmingham 2010

Improvisation workshop, London 2008

Improvisation workshop, London 2007

Improvisation workshop, London 2007

Improvisation workshop, London 2012

Improvisation show, London 2012

Improvisation show, London 2012

Improvisation show, London 2012

Improvisation show, London 2012


Part one of a documentry about an improvised show we created in Greece in 2014.

Next courses:

Impro Weekend Improver to Advanced
10 am to 5 pm on Sat 9 and Sun 10 Dec in London.

Beginners course on Mondays
6 pm to 8 pm from 8 Jan to 5 Feb in London.

Beginners - Improvers course on Mondays
8 pm to 10 pm from 8 Jan to 5 Feb in London.

Beginners - Improvers course on Tuesdays
6 pm to 8 pm from 9 Jan to 6 Feb in London.

Beginners course on Tuesdays
8 pm to 10 pm from 9 Jan to 6 Feb in London.

Advanced course on Wednesdays
6 pm to 10 pm from 10 Jan to 7 Feb in London.

Impro Winter School
10 am to 6 pm from Mon 12 to Sat 17 of Feb in London.

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Improvisation shows us the way we are and teaches us to simply be ourselves, kindly and unrepentantly. Our courses are attended by people from all walks of life to improve their communication skills, let off steam, find their creative code, meet new people or simply have a good time. Do they? See below.


'Remy strikes a perfect balance between pushing his students out of their comforts and making sure everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves. Surely this is no small feat, but he does it, and the results are transformative.'
  Valerie Peake - Life Coach/Musician

'Encouraged you to step out of your comfort zone in a way which was stretching but not scary.'
  Sarah Woodthorpe - Accountant

'Learning about improvisation with Remy was like 'taking the handbrake off my life'.'
  Simon Bell - Training Consultant

'The facilitator was clearly very experienced and truly excellent.'
  Ruth Whaling, Psychologist

'Doing the courses over a period of time made me feel much more capable of performing in front of an audience, something that I would have dreaded before embarking on the classes.'
  Greg McCormick - Training Consultant

'Social anxiety was my main concerned when I first joined. Your course helped me much beyond my expectations.'
  Xavier - Risk Management

'I had a great deal of fun and felt I learnt a lot in such a short time. I felt challenged and nourished by the experience.'
  Hannah Nicholas - Actor

'Brilliantly delivered, suitable for all levels, built in many layers of impro and skills, and was huge fun!'
  Emma Smallman - Performer and groupworker

'Acting out and testing your own ability is far more powerful than sitting and talking about it. Highly recommended.'
  Jonathan Chappell - General Practitioner

'I just wanted to let you know I'm a full time stand up comedian these days and that your course helped me massively.'
  Jonny Awsum - Comedian

'Great facilitation, great atmosphere, you'll learn a great deal about yourself, and have a laugh a minute in the process.'
Jemma Gray - Executive Assistant

'I appreciate the way that the facilitator gives feedback. He never makes me feel stupid or small and always mixes learning, practising and reflecting very effectively.'
  Valerie Peake, Musician, Life Coach

'Experience something different where you can be yourself, have a lot of fun and learn a thing or two.'
  Dee Raseta

'I enjoyed just turning up and having a great time laughing with a fantastic bunch of fun creative people every week.'
  Frankie Hardy, Nurse

'The Quality of teaching is extraordinary!'
  Benni Lehne, PhD student

'I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt skills which have greatly impacted upon my life and allowed me to 'fit into my skin' just that little bit more.'
  Eve Macdonald, Youth Participation & Development Assistant

'Thanks again for such a fabulous weekend.'
  Deborah Rothenberg, Drama & Movement Therapist

'Thanks for your support and brilliant coaching. More than anything you injected some confidence into me that I could do improv. You were a joy to learn with.'
  Ola Aralepo, Comedian

'This was a fantastically pleasurable weekend! I cannot remember when I last enjoyed myself so much. Afterwards I felt all my bones had settled back into place.'
  Katharine Messenger, Role Player, Actor, Writer.

'Magnificent course, I'm so glad I took it. And first class facilitator as well.'
  Jenny Glanville, Hypnotherapist

'I was sceptical at first. I ended up finding more about myself in one day than I did with one term of my interpersonal communications course.'
  Rachel Melinek, Student

'Many classes I come in after work feeling a little drained and every night I leave feeling excited and refreshed.'
  Andrew Dowe, Consultant

'It really gives you a confidence boost and it is great fun!'
  Andlib Mohsin, Criminal Lawyer

'The knowledge and flexibility gained have proven especially useful to me in auditioning.'
  Liis Mikk, Actor

'Classes of this kind are heavily reliant on the personality of the tutor and it's here that this course wins its stars. Remy Bertrand is not simply a savant of improvisational acting, an unashamed advocate of the belief that the best acting is reacting and a polymath of drama games but an extremely warm, encouraging and relaxed figure.'
  Jim Arble - Journalist, giving 5 stars review in remotegoat

'I enjoyed the workshop last Thursday a lot and would be up for more.'
  Laura Doheler, Dancer, Choregrapher

'I left the workshop feeling incredibly uplifted, challenged and fulfilled.'
  Priscilla Jackman, Drama Teacher

'I have been recommending the workshops to all my friends. They are great fun, ideal space for beginners and advance improv fun.'
  Nihat Tsolak, Risk Manager

'Iím very happy that Iíve been taking Remyís workshop for beginners. In the six week course, he helps to lay a strong foundation for the learners, by aiding them to gain an intuitive feel for teamwork, status, and play.'
  Marc Rowland, Improvisation teacher

See also corporate testimonials.

I can highly recommend Remy and his teaching method. Improvisation is the greatest self-development and team-development method that I have experienced to date. I learned a great deal working under Remy's tuition over the years and I have found the skills I have learned invaluable.
Andrew Bradford, Independent Consultant, Integrative and Rehabilitation Medicine

Remy is a very skilled, effective and highly engaging facilitator, educator and performer. He creates sessions which build beautifully and create powerful learning experiences. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to help their group to be more collaborative, creative and adaptive.
Belina Raffy, Change Agent

It was great to work with someone who was open and honest about the world of improvisation, and unprecious about adapting his work to the themes of our programme. Remy was great with the kids and many walked away with more confidence - even after a short time with him.
Rick Murray, Producer/Director, The Speaker - BBC2

I have worked with Remy on a number of projects and have always been amazed at his ability to motivate and inspire. He does this with great natural ease and professionalism, achieving the best results possible. I look forward to working with him on many more projects!
Bader Ben Hirsi, Film Director

I have known Remy for six years and during that time I have experienced his extraordinary expertise as a coach and his truly professional approach. He has the patience that is required to be a great teacher.
Polly Hootkins CDG, Casting Director

Remy has contributed to both years of the Two Year Postgraduate Acting Course at Dramas Studio London. His work is inspiring, detailed and collaborative. He works hard at integrating his work within the syllabus of the course as a whole and, at the same time he contributes, in a very positive way to the developement and broadening of the syllabus. He is not afraid to air his views, and he is not afraid to change his approach depending on the demands of the individual individuals/students. A teacher and trainer of great integrity and vision, and (which is unusual), great flexibility. I look forward to a continued relationship with him in the future.
Chris Pickles, Principle, Drama Studio London
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