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The influence of improvisational theatre on work group innovation

The influence of a team development intervention (improvisational theatre) on climate for work group innovation
(free access) by Burgert Kirsten, Masters of Commerce Thesis (industrial psychology), University of Stellenbosch, 2008.
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The present study evaluates the influence on the four factors of an innovative work group climate, namely participative safety, vision, support for innovation and task orientation, of a team development intervention based on improvisational theatre exercises. In the literature study, these four factors are compared with the principles of improvisational theatre, namely trust and support, agreement, listening and awareness, and narrative skills.

A quasiexperimental study was conducted. () The sample consisted of two teams from a health care management unit, which formed part of the health care department of a large insurance company in South Africa. The results show that, for innovative work group climate as a whole, the experimental group's scores improved significantly in comparison to the control group's scores. () In conclusion, this study builds on previous research that endorses the application of improvisational theatre techniques in organisational development settings.

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