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Why should you learn to improvise?

People practice improvisation for all kinds of reasons. Think of it as a gym. Some members just want to be generally fit, others want to work on their arms, stomach or back. Similarly, improvisation works on many levels. It is a way for shy people to gain assertiveness, for assertive people to become better listeners and for everyone to learn to relax while paying attention, collaborating, laughing at their own mistakes and performing under pressure.

Rehears. Improvisation is "life with a rewind button". Failing is of no consequence and just proves that we have tried something completely new for us and previously untested. Improvisation provides us with a way to test new behaviours in a controled and safe environement.

Take power. New knowledge is being generated by all the participants and emerges from practice and observation. Players soon realise that they are fare more capable than previously thought and enriched by a repertoire of new possibilities. The choice of what to bring into the rest of their life stays with them.

Play. Playing engages us emotionally and physically as well as intellectually. It is a great way to reduce stress, make new observations about ourselves and others and discover our true potential. The freedom to fail teaches us that we don't have to ask permission to be ourselves, and that when we drop the ball all we have to do is pick it up again.

Benefit. By practicing relaxation, mindfulness, playfulness, commitment and active listening, participants improve their presence and their capacity to show courage, empathy, flexibility and leadership.

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