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Dave Dupont
Your personal Video Coach  
Shaolin Business School of Neuro Kinetic Implementation
"The laptop is our sword"
Dave is available for mentoring, motivational talk, wedding, Bar Mitzvah and landscape gardening.
Free tip #8
Effective Time Management (ETM)

"Effective Time Management is about learning to prioritise."
Free tip #7
What is Smart Casual?

"Learn how to appear both relaxed and professional in seconds."
Free tip #6
Positive thinking

"You too can beat stress and enjoy life to the full after watching this video."
Free tip #5
Anticipation is for winners

"If you think anticipation is for losers watch this video: you're in for a little surprise."
Free tip #4
Answering embarrassing questions

"Watch this video and answering embarrassing questions will never be the same."
Free tip #3
Body language

"Do we know enough about body language? What if we are wrong?"
Free tip #2
Small talks

"If you don't know what to say when meeting new people then this video is for you."
Free tip #1
The importance of presentation skills

"Presentation skills are really, really important."

"The forest didn't invented the tree…"
Dave Dupont

Author of: "How to be a good listener and still bully your way to the top".

Author of: "The 3 Keys, 5 habits and 9 easy steps to almost everything".

Voted 1974's award winning winner of the year by "Who is you?" magazine.
Has seen by his mum and friends on
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