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The main ingredients of improvisation

Commit. Improvisation requires players to engage fully with each other. Presence and projection are the premises of trust and collaboration. It doesn't have to be good but it needs to be bold.
  • Don't judge your output
  • Make clear choices
  • Take risks
  • Be in the here and now
  • Embrace the ensemble
  • Favour flow over content
  • Listen. Improvisers are sponges feeding on their surroundings. Listening gives them all they need to generate content. But without collective commitment there is nothing to listen to.
  • Acknowledge others
  • Pay attention to details
  • Favour attention over opinion
  • Process information kinaesthetically, in the form of movement and energy
  • Adjust. The best plots tend to emerge between - rather than within - people. Improvisers adjust to everything, including "mistakes". But without listening there is nothing to adjust to.
  • Work with what is there
  • Honour every offer
  • Be part of the solution
  • Let things happen
  • React rather than act
  • Exploit serendipity

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