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Impro links

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Wikipedia/Improvisational_theatre (US)
Wikipedia's entry on improvisational theatre.

Viola Spolin (US)
US godmother of improvisation (1906 - 1994). She pioneered the Theatre Games technique and worked all her life with local communities and professional actors alike.

Wikipedia/Keith Johnstone (CA)
Inspired theoretician and teacher. His clarity of writing on status, spontaneity and narrative skills stand unsurpassed. Went on to invite the Micetro format (Why, ho why?).

Wikipedia/Del Close (US)
Actor, improviser and teacher (1934 1999). Another pioneer of modern improvisation, inventor of the Harrold format.

Wikipedia/Dudley Riggs (US)
Creator of the early improvisation form called "instant theatre" and founder of the Instant Theater Company, later to become the Brave New Workshop (BNW) comedy troupe.

John Wright (UK)
A workshop with John Wright is worth 3 month in the best drama school.

Fun Fed (UK)
London based joy, upliftment and laughter for adults.

Drama resources (UK)
Games, courses and other ressources for teaching drama.

Improv Encyclopedia (US)
Games, glossary and references.

The Crunchy Frog (UK)
A impro collective with a detailed info board about the London scene (gigs, workshops etc.)

Action Theatre (US)
An improvisational physical theater training and performance method created by Ruth Zaporah. (CA)
A thorough collection of warm-ups, excercises, handles, long forms and ask fors.

Applied Improv Network (US)
A worldwide network of business professionals and academics using impro tools.

Theatrelinks (AU)
A collection of Theatresports & Drama Games Links

Impro/liens (CH)
A worldwide listing of impro websites mainly outside the US and UK.

Alcock Improv (UK)
A Cambridge based improv collective.

Improv Solutions (NZ)
An Auckland based training company using impro and story telling.

Sparks Creative Communication Training (CH)
A Geneva based consultancy using impro.

Transactors (US)
Impro-based educational and training programs delivered by a company based in North Carolina.

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Applied & Interactive Theatre Guide
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Stage Agent
Dedicated to musicals, plays, and operas in North America, this site has a directory on this page:

Training Classes
Training Classes is a moderated directory of training, education, learning and development programs and providers.

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