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Improvisation workshop, London 2007
Social order
Improvisation game
Description: Holding an every-day conversation with assigned status.
Set-up: Groups of three to five players.
Instructions: Players agree on their respective places in the pecking order. In a group of three, number one will dominate two and three, number two will submit to one and dominate three, and number three will submit to one and two. They choose a wide and loose subject to discuss (i.e. dolphin's intelligence, summer holidays etc.) and keep the same pecking order throughout the conversation.
Variation 1: Start the game without having defined the pecking order and let it appear organically.
Variation 2: Once the pecking order is well establish, have players reversing it.
Variation 3: Have two players competing for the same place in the pecking order.
Variation 4: Hold the conversation in gibberish or in an invented foreign language.

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