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Improvisation workshop, London 2007
Number 1 to number 6
Improvisation game
Description: A calling game where players try to out-speed each other and reach the number 1 position.
Set-up: All players sit in chairs forming a line or a semicircle. The first player in the line is number 1; the second number 2 and so one.
Instructions: Number 1 stands up, calls "Number 1 to number 6" (or whichever number in the line she wishes to call) and sits down again. Before number 1 is fully seated, number 6 must stand up. Number 6 then says her number and calls whichever number she wishes (e.g. number 10). Number 10 must stand up before number 6 is fully seated. She then says her name and calls another number - and so on. Anyone too slow to stand up, say her number or call another number, or anyone who hesitates or gets the number wrong must leave the line. At that point all players sitting after the eliminated player move up one chair, all players in the line say their number again in turn and the game starts again.
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