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Improvisation workshop, London 2007
Mirror in circle
Improvisation game
Source: The Far Games

Description: Mirroring each other within a circle.
Set-up: All participants in a circle.
Instructions: A leader step in front of the group and start a succession of sounds and gestures mirrored in synch by the other players.
Variation 1: Participants make eye contact with the player immediately in front of them on the other side of the circle and they start mirroring each other. Once the routine is established, they both start to walk to the centre of the circle and stop when they are close enough to touch, still mirroring each other. All the participants should reach the centre of the circle at the same time.
Variation 2: Participants can mirror who ever they want to in the circle and shouldn't let the person they're mirroring guess that they are being mirrored.
Variation 3: One player gets out of the room and waits outside while somebody is designated in the circle to be copied by all the other members of the circle. The player waiting outside is called back in and has to guess, by observing the circle, who is originating the movements that everyone else is copying.
Source: Viola Spolin

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