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In a 70's sci fi novel, Isaac Asimov describes a world where people are so accustom to meet virtually that they dread to be in someone else's presence. We're not there yet. But our lives are so focused and organised, and so much of it takes place online, that the simple art of interpersonal relation is getting lost. This is a piece of knowledge impossible to Google, yet it is rarely being taught in schools and universities when so much of what we do every day still depends on it. Legions of talented graduates join the workforce every year without a clue on how to work collaboratively, lead, follow, communicate, negotiate and resolve conflicts practically, in the real world where facts don't emulate textbook simulations . This is where we came in.
In this VUCA world of ours, “Predict and Control” doctrines are showing their limitations. “Sense and React” is the new normal, and it is what improvisers do.

Improvisation is a VUCA environment in which it is fun to learn.
Improvisation is an immerssive practice that offers many learning opportunities:
To engage To relate To improve To resolve To achieve
Inclusive, high energy and non-judgemental, improvisation brings everyone together and demonstrates the benefits of participation. “The first principle of improvisation - hearing offers - hinges on attunement, leaving our own perspective to inhabit the perspective of another.” - Daniel Pink Improvisers learn from their mistakes - and improve their ethics - by training in a space where failing is allowed and considered bold rather than lame. To listen and to speak out are the first steps of problem solving. Improvisers train to do both and learn to reach for solutions. Improvisers operate as an ensemble and thrive on collective achievments.
The applications for what we do are many and varied:
Thanking Speaking Listening Developping Transforming
Celebrate your team with fun and laughter, relate and make the most of your away day. Be at ease when talking to an audience, capture attention, share yourself and get across. Make the most out of your time and circumstances by learning to listen with a quit mind. Build a result-oriented culture and support new projects. Acquire the skills to facilitate change.
Working with all the senses, we specialise in implicit, experiential knowledge that can not be imparted in a classroom setting:
  • intrapersonal skills: awareness, confidence, posture, voice projection, stress management.
  • interpersonal skills: listening skills, flexibility, attunement.
  • Teamwork: trust, commitment, collaboration, accountability.
  • Leadership: empathy, the capacity to articulate a vision and to empower people.

  • See also corporate research.

    From a specially designed session to help you resolve a particular problem to a soft-skills induction programme to be deployed in your company, nothing is too big or too small for us to have a look at. You can make the most of the ressources you already have and it can start today.

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    What our clients say about us:

    "Thanks for providing such entertaining games and having such great ideas whilst being completely flexible with the brief we gave you. It was great to work with someone who was open and honest about the world of improvisation, and unprecious about adapting his work."
    Rick Murray, Producer - BBC2

    "We brought Remy in to work with us as part of a project to develop a fresh perspective on what drives levels of accountability, trust and collaboration inside large organizations. Remy led a group of McKinsey consultants through an experiential impro workshop and then contributed to the subsequent day-long knowledge development session where we transferred the insights we gained from impro to how real team-work and trust develop inside the workplace. Remy was highly professional, responsive, collaborative and a real breath of fresh air. He helped us approach an old problem with a new perspective and was a wealth of insight and knowledge (on top of being a great impro facilitator.) His enthusiasm to help us plan and prepare for the event, run it and then stay close to us in the coming months as we advanced our thinking on the topic has made him a friend of the Firm."
    Nathalie Hourihan, Organizational Behaviour Knowledge expert, McKinsey & Co.

    "As I enjoyed Remy impro classes I recommended him to my company for us to have team building activities. He ran sessions in Asia and in Europe for people leaving in those regions. Those people had very different background, did not really knew each other and had not funny jobs. I mean they were sensible people. The impro classes were like a glass breaker: people interacted, shared, went out their conform zone, had a lot of fun together. Since I have left London, I have been in three other capitals: I have not yet found any impro classes of that quality. I miss them so much."
    Ariane Amiot - Director IFRS, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

    "This was great fun. The exercises promote eye contact, peripheral vision, emotional awareness, leaving aside one's ego and preoccupations, accepting of the other person's story / emotion / presence, being "present" in-the-moment, creative / imaginative thinking. It all adds up to a self-confident presence in any situation, with a sense of interdependence on others and an ability to be playful and creative. For me these are behaviours most useful for listening, empathising, re-framing stories and experiences, dealing with uncertainty and handling situations where power and status play a significant part. I really recommend it! "
    Dr David Wheeler, Programme Director, Greenwich GP Specialty Training Programme.

    "The training session was really interesting providing me with an opportunity of free expression, fun and relaxation. This was a new positive experience for me in which I am interested to learn more. I gained a wider perspective on communication, leadership, negotiating, team work and the benefits of positive team energy."
    Emily Grech - Section Manager - Talent Management - Baxter

    Social sector
    "A HUGE thank you to you for running the synchronicity workshop at yesterday’s Kids Company staff training day. I have had nothing but very positive feedback from everyone involved, and even people who I would not have imagined to be happy to physically let themselves go clearly enjoyed it immensely and got a lot out of it."
    Anna Emerson, KidsCompany

    "Useful session, the importance of listening being one of the main take-away." "Very fun and increased relationship to colleagues."
    Workshop's participants, DnB NOR.

    Higher education
    "I really enjoyed the session and admired your handling of an interesting group. I feel there is an audience here for what you have to offer."
    Imelda Race, CSED Manager - University of East Anglia

    "The workshop was very interesting - the facilitator was very good and managed to create an atmosphere whereby everyone felt free to be spontaneous and creative and it's amazing the number of ideas that came out during the sharing after each exercise we did. It is an informal way of learning through games and improvisation - the most important thing is to let go and feel free and to connect the improvisation with what happens in everyday life at the workplace."
    Pauline Attard, Senior Executive T & D, Water Services Corporation

    "The session provided me with food for thought from various perspectives even though the concept was very new to me. Definitely a solid base to start exploring the possibilities of the technique and its applications. Well done for an energetic and highly professional delivery."
    Jonathan Sciberras - Assistant Director, Staff Development Organisation, Office of the Prime Minister, Malta.

    "The workshop was a wonderful new experience. Remy Bertrand provides a sense of fun with learning and the opportunity to express a lot of energy. It also provided a safe environment to understand team building from a different perspective, without judgement and knowing that failing is a positive experience, and an opening to continue learning!"
    Sandra L. Scerri, Human Resources & Training Manager, Le Meridien Hotel

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