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Julian Munns
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What is your name?
Julian Munns
Where do you live and work?
I live in East London, but work all over town.
What is your day job?
Iím freelance, so I do lots of different things: teacher, improviser, actor, producer. I am also Co-Artistic director of The Nursery, which is curating three days of improvisation at The Old Vic Tunnels later in July. Itís called Slapdash and we have pretty much all the best improvisers in the country coming down.
How did you discover improvisation?
Most of ten years ago, I saw Lifegame at the National. I loved it, but thought improvisation was a mystical process I would never be able to do. A few years later, as part of my training at the Guildhall School, I took improvisation classes. They terrified the hell out of me, but I decided to face this fear and join The Improsarios, an improv group which came out of the Guildhall. I guess my interest just grew from there.
How do you practice improvisation?
I attend rehearsals weekly with the Improsarios, as well as taking other classes outside. I am also looking to start a playback group in London sometime in the autumn and working on a semi-improvised one-man show for next year.
How did you learn?
Initially by a lot of experimentation, trying things out, failing as often as possible and discovering what works. When my interest really started to grow, I went to see all the shows I could to see what I could steal. I also heartily believe in the power of a lengthy post-gig chat over a cold brew.
Any advice for beginners?
Iím still a beginner myself really, Iíve never even seen a Harold live! My best is this: love your fellows onstage. They are as scared and confused as you.
What is your favourite improvisation quote?
ďI love improvisation.Ē Nora Dunn
What is the most satisfying story or scene you ever improvised in?
A narrative long form in which two ants conspired to bring together two humans together. Then one of the ants fell in love with the queen, and the other was killed with insect spray as the human couple fell in love. The thing is Ė it was only in a rehearsal!
Your favourite improvisation website
Too too many. The Crunchy Frog is obviously awesome, the ĎNo, andí Facebook group Iíve just discovered and am enjoying. Can I have a book, too? How to Improvise a Full Length Play, maybe? Best of all to just go see a show, though.
Your main website
My site is, but it needs a significant revamp before the autumn!

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