Impro Saturday Intensive

Just Like That. Sat 25 Feb, 2.30 to 5.30 pm, at Islington Arts Factory. 2 Parkhurst Rd, London, N7 0SF (map). 16 participants max.

Fee for 3 hours when booking online - Regular: £20 Concession: £15    

Fee if you pay at at the door (cash only) - Regular: £25 Consession:£19.

It's easy to schedule a zoom session with us if you still have questions after exploring this page.

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Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you are available on the day. No refund available for this course.

Concession for NHS, equity, full time students, low earners, the unwaged and rescent imprology students. See T&Cs. Please supply proof when asked.

If you can't afford this course, contact us here.

Please make sure you are available on the day. No refund available for this course.

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If you are free on all the course's dates but can't afford to pay the listed price because it would genuinely deprive you of the indispensable, please contact us at and include:

- The course references: G201381fci Saturday 2.30 to 5.30 pm, from Sat 25 Feb.
- The amount of money you can afford to pay for this course;
- Any non-monetary ways you are offering to contribute.

We've set aside four open places for this programme. We will let you know if space is still available and if so, email you a tailored booking form. We will answer positively to your request whenever possible. If we don't answer positively, it will be because the four places are gone or we considered your proposed contribution unsustainable as we receive no other funding that what people pay for our classes.

It is not possible at this early stage to publish guidelines on what the minimum contribution should amount to, so please feel free to state your case and don't feel bad if it's not accepted. You can try as many time as you like. Please note that this programme might not be available for all our courses.


If you have more than you need and would like to contribute to this scheme please consider making a donation. All the money received this way will go towards improving access and affordability to our courses.

Man in improvised movement.
Moulin de Canole, France

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Note: each course can have a different venue.
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