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Improviser of the month        October 2008

Roderick Millar
What is your name?
Roderick Millar
Where do you live and work?
What is your day job?
Computer Programmer
How did you discover improvisation?
A friend of mine used to run an impro group called the Impro Lab, and I used to go along to watch. I started doing classes and it all carried on from there.
How do you practice improvisation?
I do classes fairly regularly and I am in a show, Made Up Like Tarts.
How did you learn?
From Sprout and LTS (formerly London Theatresports) in the first place, and then quite significantly from Alan Marriott's Crunchy Frog class. Alan has mastered the technique of gently coaxing spontaneity out of people. He is a very good improviser, but is also, unusually, able to articulate how he does it.
Any advice for beginners?
Do it as much as you can.
Everyone else is scared too. Use being scared.
Not much content is plenty, so long as there is more than none.
You are really just having a conversation with someone else on stage.
Don't worry about listening to advice.
What is your favourite improvisation quote?
"The sheer pleasure of being here, doing this!" Alan one day, almost in frustration that we weren't getting it!
The most satisfying story or scene you ever improvised in?
At this moment it was a scene in a show I was in last night, called My Show My Rules, in which Jane Colenutt played a television interviewer who was living as a maggot, and Peter Silk came in as her line manager to give her her appraisal. I was in it in that I was directing it.
Your favourite improvisation website It has links to all the main UK impro groups and sites.
Your main website
Probably Facebook.

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