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Improviser of the month        August 2009

Jennifer Goodhue
What is your name?
Jennifer Goodhue
Where do you live and work?
Toronto, Canada
What is your day job?
I teach improv at Second City and perform improv at various venues in Toronto. I also worked on a Canadian television sketch show called Comedy Inc.
How did you discover improvisation?
I joined the Canadian Improv Games in grade 9 and I haven't stopped since! I was lucky enough to be a part of a sketch and improv troupe when I was 16 called Skit Row High. Some of the cast members included Alanis Morrisette and Sandra Oh. Obviously, some people from that troupe did better than others.
How do you practice improvisation?
In Toronto, there are loads of venues to perform so we're spoiled for improv. You could do a show almost every night if you set your mind to it. So I'm always practicing improv just by doing it so often! Here in London, I'll have the opportunity to improvise with the super talented Canadian Content, who are performing at the Leicester Square theatre all of august.
How did you learn?
Tons and tons of classes!! I've done the conservatory program at Second City, did classes with Keith Johnstone and Joe Bill from Bassprov, and a whole bunch of workshops with directors and alumni of Second City.
Any advice for beginners?
Go see as much improv as possible. I'm always inspired by improv shows.
What is your favourite improvisation quote?
"Follow the Fear." by Del Close. If something scares you on stage, go with it. It's your own personal divining rod to new and interesting scenes.
What is the most satisfying story or scene you ever improvised in?
As soon as I leave the stage, I forget every thing that just happened. Sadly, I only remember when it's a truly painful improv show. But I do remember the improv troupes I have the best scenes with. I love Canadian Content, they're really fun and have a great sense of play. While I can't remember specific scenes, I loved my time on stage at Second City. Sometimes we'd have guests show up and perform in the improv set. I've improvised with Martin Short, Colin Mochrie, and Denise Richards, but the best scenes were always from the cast.
Your favourite improvisation website is a favorite of mine. I'm really digging Crunchy Frog, it's been great for promoting my workshops. And the imprology site is really fantastic for folks getting into improv here in the UK.
Your main website
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