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Improviser of the month        June 2009

Ryan Mathie
What is your name?
Ryan Mathie
Where do you live and work?
Live in Stoke Newington - North London - which I love. Work all over when acting, in the City with
my day job.
What is your day job?
Salesman by day, Actor by night. Its all part of the long term master plan for when i start Acting full time again later this year. On that note, does anyone want to buy something? Anything at all?
How did you discover improvisation?
First introduced in School when I studied Acting. Have always felt at home when improvising
How do you practice improvisation?
I really got the bug again when i practised weekly with a Impro group called Laugh Or Die doing comedy short form. Now more so with Friendly Fire focusing on a style that's more theatrical and edgy. I also work a lot with an up and coming Film Director/Writer called Matt Crockford. He values improvisational work and most of the stuff I've done with him has been off the cuff rather off a script - its been great experience!
How did you learn?
Got involved with the groups I mentioned earlier, read as many recommended books that I could get my hands on. Workshops are also great and with so many to choose from you can really develop your knowledge, experience, skills and network of impro buddys! All of this stuff doesn't do your confidence any harm either!
Any advice for beginners?
Throw yourself in and get involved. Be as pro-active as possible. Don't beat yourself up and over analyse too much if you don't get it right away. If you keep working hard, be patient and have fun it will come and then the Worlds your Oyster card from there... Lots of practice in a comfortable environment with someone who has experience is a great place for improvisers of all levels.
What is your favourite improvisation quote?
Blast! I have 2 if that's alright!? Cheers!
1) "Don't try your best. Be average." Helps to relieve stress and fear and avoids the common trait of trying to be better than everyone else. The good stuff will happen naturally from there...
2) "Stay inside the circle" Particularly great for beginners - helps to avoid trying too hard or being too clever i.e. "going outside the circle"
The most satisfying story or scene you ever improvised in?
The one where i played Jeremy the "naughty" butcher who peed on all of the meat. After butchering his Mom (Remy) he proceeded to pee on her dead body. Dont judge him tho, the poor guy obviously had a very weak bladder! It sounds a bit dark but it was actually quite funny - honest! But this was a very different kind of scene to any i had been involved in before - using human chorus in the background to support the scenes mood and direction. Very Intense and amazing fun!
Your favourite improvisation website
Imprology is the one!
Your main website
I'm in a few shows in july and this is where it's at:

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