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Improviser of the month        June 2008

What is your name?
Amy Carroll
Where do you live and work?
On the shore of Lake Geneva in Vevey, Switzerland,
home to Nestlé where free chocolate lines the streets!
What is your day job?
I'm a communication coach, trainer, speaker and wanna bit actor.
How did you discover improvisation?
Through my sister, Pat who studied it for her work as a trainer.
It was one of our other sisters; Sheila who recommended it to her and eventually all 7 siblings studied it. Mom and Dad have yet to attend.
How do you practice improvisation?
Just for fun and as a way to stretch myself, I practice giving and accepting offers from complete strangers.
How did you learn?
Through BATS (Bay Area Theatre Sports) summer school in San Francisco.
Any advice for beginners?
Stay light, playful.
What is your favourite improvisation quote?
"Make your partner look good"
What is the most satisfying story or scene you ever improvised in?
It was during a week long improv workshop, I attended with my sister Pat. The scene started off with me being in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. I was going for a joke when my improv coach told me to reveal something. So I got very quite then revealed a secret I had been hiding for a long time….. The car accident I had had several years prior was not innocent. That night, I had killed a child with my car while I was drunk. Apparently it was so convincing the improv coach was thinking he would have to do a therapeutic intervention and my sister even stop to wonder if she ever recalled me being in a car accident….
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